It’s Time We Discuss All Things Vag

This post was sponsored by S+HE Intimate Fitness. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

How do I get all these little bumps off my bikini line?

How is my vagina actually supposed to smell?

Am I supposed to use regular soap to clean my sex toys?

We all have questions about our lady bits. Unfortunately, many of us are afraid to ask these questions and turn to problematic magazines like Cosmo that are more interested in selling ads for dangerous douching products than giving actual advice.

I had the opportunity to test out a line of products that is actually good for your vagina. It’s called the S+HE Intimate Fitness Skincare System. S+HE is the 1st pH balanced skin care line designed for the specific needs of women’s intimate health and overall skin well-being. The products smell natural – unlike the weird, fake smells of other vagina products – and they actually feel good. And here’s another perk: they actually work! I’ve been using the AfterShave product for a week now and I’m already seeing my shaving bumps start to disappear!

I strongly recommend this product line for anyone looking for vag products that are actually good for you. Plus, S+HE is running an awesome promo this summer where you can save $20 off their Skin Care System pack! For just $15 you can get travel-sized portions of all four products in the skincare line, conveniently packed in a handy-dandy travel pouch.

So if you love your vag and love saving money, get the S+HE Intimate Fitness Skin Care System today! Let me know how it goes; I love talking about vagina stuff!

In cat news, I’ve been obsessed with Pro-Choice Cats ever since I met their founder, Amanda Patton at the Whole Women’s Health rally at the Supreme Court back in March. They sell the cutest pro-choice pussy products and all the funds go toward a billboard for a local abortion clinic in Ohio!

I got this catnip sperm toy from Purrban Meowfitters a week ago that also funds the project. Arya and Bran love their new toy!