‘Shoot Down the Wendy Bird’ Asks the Most Important Question of Our Generation (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

Kat asked me simply, “What’s your favorite Disney character?” I answered immediately, Tinker Bell.

I’ve forever been drawn to the feisty fairy that goes after what she wants despite all obstacles. No little girl was going to come in and take her love away, or ruin the good thing she had going in Neverland. Nope, she’d secure her happy ending, no matter what.

That is how Shoot Down the Wendy Bird was born. It’s about the fire that makes you unstoppable on the journey to get what you want. It is permeated with the drive to make the most of opportunities and situations, and to empower yourself to take an active role in your destiny. It is what these short stories and poems all share, even if they are all so very different. At the core of this book is the inherent passion to live a better, happier, and more magical life.


The first lines of Julie Zantopoulos‘ debut book, Shoot Down the Wendy Bird: A Collection of Short Stories & Poetry ask what is arguably the most important question for people of the Millennial generation: “What’s your favorite Disney character?” If you don’t have an immediate answer to that question, you either A) aren’t a millennial, or B) live under a rock.

I know my answer: Cinderella. Surprised? I know, say what you want about Cinderella being the most “anti-feminist” Disney story. But I can point you to many articles that tell you why you’re wrong, and as someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression for most of her life, Cinderella’s optimism throughout her entire story has been a huge inspiration to me. But I digress.

Zantopoulos’ Shoot Down the Wendy Bird perfectly encapsulates this generation. Centered on themes of empowerment and creativity (both themes that her favorite Disney character, Tinkerbell brings forth in Peter Pan!), it’s a book of short stories and poems that you honestly won’t be able to put down. I know I couldn’t! (A huge shout-out to coffee, who would not have made work possible the day after I stayed up to read the book.)


Hannah Horvath, Julie Zantopoulos may have you beat. (Image via Buzzfeed.)


The stories and poems of Shoot Down the Wendy Bird will make you laugh, cry, gasp and even feel nostalgic at some points. It’s the perfect book for lady book clubs – of millennials or not! (seriously, the themes cross all generations.) I recommend that all readers of The Feminist Feline give it a try!


Someone caught a picture of me reading 'Shoot Down the Wendy Bird'! (image via catster.com)
Someone caught a picture of me reading ‘Shoot Down the Wendy Bird’! (Image via catster.com)


You can purchase Shoot Down the Wendy Bird on Julie’s website or Amazon.


Julie with her book!
Julie with her book!

Julie has been an incredible mentor to me both professionally and personally. She was my boss when I interned at The Indie Chicks and my editor when I went on to freelance for the publication. Although The Indie Chicks will be closing this month, Julie will still be running the Writer Network on her personal blog and sharing stories from The Indie Chicks’ other badass founders, Chiara Mazzucco and Chrystal Rose.

Because Julie is so awesome, she has offered to give a FREE E-BOOK of Shoot Down the Wendy Bird to readers of The Feminist Feline! Enter below for your chance to win! Winners will be chosen in two weeks (at midnight on February 25, 2016).


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All images, unless otherwise stated, are courtesy of Julie Zantopoulos.