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This post was sponsored by HILL YES Co.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

I am 100% ready for Hillary. While some Democrats have joined Bernie’s camp, I will be standing by HRC. Why? Because Hillary has the experience, the tenacity and she’s looks damn good in a pantsuit.


I’ve been for Hillary since I was jealous of my mom for being able to vote for her in the 2008 primary. I was like Brian in The Breakfast Club who wanted a fake I.D. to vote, not to drink.

Many Bernie supporters like to claim they are “leftier-than-thou” and are convinced that if people “only knew more” about Bernie’s policies that they would vote for him. These people think that name recognition is the only reason that women and minorities are supporting Hillary.

Well here’s the truth: a majority of Bernie supporters are white men. Bernie has some great talking points about economic equality, but as a woman, I trust another woman to make the best policy decisions for me. Hillary’s economic plan, which she introduced two weeks ago, focuses on paid family leave, equal pay and affordable child care – all of which will make the economy better not only for women, but for everyone.

Hillary has also made reproductive health, the environment, LGBTQ rights, immigration reform and race relations key issues in her campaign. I’m not afraid to show my support for Hillary and I wouldn’t be lying if I said that some Bernie supporters have given me crap for it. But however hard they try, I’m not changing my mind.  So what am I doing to block the haters? Well, by buying ALL of the Hillary apparel and swag, of course. The official Hillary store has a bunch of awesome stuff, like a pantsuit tee, “Chillary Clinton” beer koozies and pint glasses “made from 100% shattered glass ceiling.” But some of us (not saying any names) have already bought everything from her shop and WE. WANT. MORE. Fear no more because HILL YES co. has the cutest minimalist tanks and tees. HILL YES keeps it simple: Black or white. Tee or tank. And you have two phrases to choose from: “HILL YES” or “She the people.” With these simple designs and classic colors, you can be assured that any HILL YES shirt will have you looking classy as f**k.     http://hillyes.co/collections/all   Adorable, right?! If I haven’t convinced you to buy a HILL YES shirt, maybe this will:  

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  • Erika Couto

    Those pantsuits though. Do you know if any of the proceeds of these shirts go to the Clinton campaign? I would hope so. I will be buying one even though I’m Canadian!