Herself.com and Body Love

An Australian actress started a website with nude photographs of women, including herself.

When I first heard this, I have to admit I rolled my eyes. I thought this website was just another excuse for a celebrity to publicize her nude photos for the sake of “art.” But Herself.com is not like that at all.

The website was created by Caitlin Stasey, who is an Australian actress on the CW’s Reign. Stasey started the website as a feminist project for regular women to bare it all in celebration of body love and female empowerment. Herself.com is not meant to be a porn site and it shares images and stories of women of various races, nationalities, body types and sexual orientations. So far, women involved in the project have come from Australia, the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

All photographs are taken by a female photographer and all women are depicted naked, but the goal is not to satisfy the male gaze, but to empower the women who participate. Each portrait is accompanied with a questionnaire answered by the woman photographed. The women answer questions about body love and sexual expression, including “Have you ever been embarrassed, burdened or ashamed of your sexuality? If so why?” and “What does the word ‘woman’ mean to you?”

“Society very cleverly and insidiously compartmentalizes and pigeonholes women, and we are so often isolated because of it,” Stasey told Daily Life. “I hope more than anything that women will come to Herself.com and find themselves there, scattered throughout the stories and bodies of others.”

After perusing the website, I found that each story had more words than pictures. By focusing on each woman’s answers to the questions rather than her nude photos, Herself.com sets itself apart from other nude photo sites. With all the controversy surrounding the celebrity photo hack this summer, Herself.com is a place for women to share their bodies on their own terms, with their consent. I hope some more celebrities join Stasey and share their stories on Herself.com too.

Like the women of Herself.com, Bambino cats embrace nudity!

  • What a cool project! This is an empowering alternative to those gross websites that share stolen photos. I especially love the focus on learning more about the women themselves, beyond their appearances.

    • Corinne Falotico

      I agree! I love reading the Q&A with the pictures.

  • I really like that this is for women, by consenting women. Like, how empowering and beautiful! If we are in love with our bodies and we want to share them, we should be able to…on our own terms! I have to save this page. 🙂

    • Corinne Falotico

      I love this site too! I think it’s a great response to the celebrity photo leak.

  • I am all for empowering women and embracing sexuality. I have grown to be very comfortable with embracing my sexuality and allowing myself to feel feminine and even feel sexual when there is an appropriate time. But I have an intimate knowledge of how porn affects men. I love love love that herself.com is made by consenting women and empowering women, but I worry about what will happen to men who stumble across it. Even though it isn’t meant to be seen in a derogatory fashion, I fear for what will come about in the lives of both women and male viewers if there is a perversion.

    • Corinne Falotico

      There will be men who don’t understand it, but once they see all the words they’ll probably be turned off. And then there will be men who understand the concept and appreciate it. I hope we can turn some men from the former to the latter!

  • This is an interesting project. I love that modern women are coming together to help one another embrace our unique bodies. I’m so grateful for my body and all that it does for me, but I have to remind myself to love it sometimes. Projects like this go a long way in helping normalize the uniqueness of every woman.

    • Corinne Falotico

      I have to remind myself to love my body too. Most women don’t have supermodel bodies and I love how this project is showcasing women of different shapes!

  • I also was tempted to roll my eyes but I’m glad i kept reading after that first picture and description of a celebs nude photo site! Plus the cat at the end makes it! Great meeting you last night at blogger scene!! 🙂

    • Corinne Falotico

      It was great meeting you too, Tiffany! I’m glad you like the cat video too! 🙂

  • It’s an interesting project for sure, and I can definitely see the eye-roll potential however I think the temptation to roll our eyes and think “oh look, another naked woman. that’s original….” is the very reason why we need people like her to be doing this.

    And since we’re at a stage where many people can no longer separate the female body from being a sexual object, we need this more than ever. It’ll be interesting to watch it take off!

    xx Anastasia Amour // http://www.anastasiaamour.com

    • Corinne Falotico

      I completely agree. I’m embarrassed that I rolled my eyes. This project is so important. Thanks for reading!

  • Pam

    Sounds like an interesting website! I’m not sure I would be willing to participate, but more power to the women who do!

    • Corinne Falotico

      Same here I don’t think I am brave enough to participate but I admire the women who are!