It’s Time We Discuss All Things Vag

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How do I get all these little bumps off my bikini line?

How is my vagina actually supposed to smell?

Am I supposed to use regular soap to clean my sex toys?

We all have questions about our lady bits. Unfortunately, many of us are afraid to ask these questions and turn to problematic magazines like Cosmo that are more interested in selling ads for dangerous douching products than giving actual advice.

I had the opportunity to test out a line of products that is actually good for your vagina. It’s called the S+HE Intimate Fitness Skincare System. S+HE is the 1st pH balanced skin care line designed for the specific needs of women’s intimate health and overall skin well-being. The products smell natural – unlike the weird, fake smells of other vagina products – and they actually feel good. And here’s another perk: they actually work! I’ve been using the AfterShave product for a week now and I’m already seeing my shaving bumps start to disappear!

I strongly recommend this product line for anyone looking for vag products that are … Read more

Single Cat Lady and Proud

“I don’t think this is going to work. Good luck with things.”

That’s a real text I received from a guy I never even went on a date with.

“I didn’t realize there was a ‘this’,” I replied. “Bye.”

I’ve been on both sides of rejection. I’ve stopped hearing from guys I went on dates with and I’ve told guys that I didn’t feel a spark. But this most recent experience was new to me.

This guy – let’s call him Al – and I never actually went on a date. We met at a bar where we spent the entire night dancing and making out. I gave him my number, not sure if I would ever hear back, but four days later he texted me to invite me to happy hour with a bunch of his friends. It was hardly a date at all and we went our separate ways at the end of the night. We didn’t even kiss goodbye. I had a great night with what I thought was a new group of friends and I was looking forward to hanging out with them again. I thought Al was cute and all but since we had yet … Read more

Sex Toys Are Fun!

I think we can all agree that sex toys rock. There’s a lot of stuff out there – big, small, even handmade…

Sex toys are fun, but you don’t always need to spend money to spice up your sex life. I’m delighted to share an infographic today from Carvaka Sex Toys. It describes the little known natural aphrodisiacs you can find right in your kitchen!


Everyday Aphrodisiacs – An Infographic Guide

Romance is wonderful but sometimes it can be difficult to keep it going especially in a long term relationship. With so many outside distractions in today’s world, predominantly smartphones, it can be difficult to break through the noise and find some time for that special someone.

A great way to reconnect is to cook a meal for your partner plus that way you can incorporate some aphrodisiacs in the mix to bump up the loving feeling. This infographic from Carvaka Sex Toys aims to pinpoint some of the aphrodisiacs that you might not already be aware of – some that might even already be in your fridge or store cupboard…Check it out!



Even cats like to pleasure themselves.

Even cats like to pleasure themselves.

Header image via Etsy.

Nantucket Vacation and Square Cash App Review!

This post was sponsored by Square Cash and Her Campus Media. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Sorry for another brief hiatus from blogging, but this kitty is back for good! If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram (if you’re not, we can’t be friends), you know that I’ve consolidated my Instagram persona into one account, @corinne_fal.  Two accounts – a personal one and a blog one – was just two much for my direcats and I to handle.

A loyal Instagram follower of The Feminist Feline would also know that I was on vacation this past week with my family in Nantucket. After a month of conferences and some busy weeks at work, it was great to finally go to the beach this summer and relax. I even got to read a book! … Read more

HILL YES Co. is Your Go-To Site for Hillary Tanks

This post was sponsored by HILL YES Co.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

I am 100% ready for Hillary. While some Democrats have joined Bernie’s camp, I will be standing by HRC. Why? Because Hillary has the experience, the tenacity and she’s looks damn good in a pantsuit.


I’ve been for Hillary since I was jealous of my mom for being able to vote for her in the 2008 primary. I was like Brian in The Breakfast Club who wanted a fake I.D. to vote, not to drink.

Many Bernie supporters like to claim they are “leftier-than-thou” and are convinced that if people “only knew more” about Bernie’s policies that they would vote for him. These people think that name recognition is the only reason that women and minorities are supporting Hillary.

Well here’s the truth: a majority of Bernie supporters are white men. Bernie has some great talking points about economic equality, but as a woman, I trust another woman to make the best policy decisions for me. Hillary’s economic plan, which she introduced two weeks ago, focuses on paid family leave, equal pay and affordable child care – … Read more

GUESS WHO’S BACK? #AmtrakInstaMeet and Conferencepalooza!

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Guess who’s back?

Back again. Cor-inne’s back. Tell a friend.

[Ok I absolutely despise Eminem but that sound is way too catchy. For more on my thoughts on Eminem, check out this.]

ANYWAYS, I just had the two busiest yet most rewarding weekends ever. If you’ve been following my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages (if you’re not then you’re mean), you know that I just experienced blog conferencepalooza. I attended #BlogHer15 two weekends ago (July 16-18) and Her Conference this past weekend (July 25-26).

I am a member of both the BlogHer Publishing Network and the Her Campus Blogger Network, but originally I only intended on going to BlogHer. (I bought a student discount ticket months before for under $100. I highly recommend this to anyone in school because regular priced tickets can get pretty pricey). I was all set for the one conference: I requested the right amount of days off of work, booked my bus and found a roommate (Kitten Holiday – you have to check out her awesome dating/sex blog!). I got … Read more

Need a Costume for Comic-Con?

This post was sponsored by Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

If you’re a true geek like me, you’ve had San Diego Comic-Con in your calendar for months. The annual gathering of over 130,000 geeks from across the world attracts comic book, TV, movie lovers and just about everything in between.

Although I’ve never attended and won’t be attending this year as well (#EastCoastProblems), I will be attending from the comfort of my own home. Many of the panels are livestreamed and/or posted on to YouTube. But just because I’ll be watching from my couch doesn’t mean I won’t be dressing in cosplay.


Cosplay is arguably the most important part of Comic-Con. People spend hundreds of dollars and hours perfecting their costumes of their favorite characters. But if you’re like me, you don’t have the time to make your own costume or the money to buy from many of the cosplay websites out there.

3wishes is a costume and lingerie website that sells sexy costumes of many of my favorite comic book, TV and movie characters. Not only do they have classic Wonder Woman and Catwoman costumes, but they also … Read more

On Mean Girls

Yesterday I received a message from a girl I was in a sorority with in college on why she unfriended me. It was a fairly long message explaining why she had done so “for the second time over the past couple of years actually” because she “finds my posts to be extremely offensive.” Her message was in reference to two statuses I made yesterday evening, one of which I also posted on Twitter. My statuses were in reaction to a segment I had just seen on NBC News; a segment that made me extremely upset with the Republican leadership in Congress.

Here are screenshots of my statuses, along with her message:

fb statuses        meaniepants

In her Facebook message, the girl went on to say that she “wanted to let [me] know that [she] along with a lot of other people feel that [I] generalize and stereotype a huge amount” and that I should try to realize that “people with different beliefs are a part of [my] audience.”

Okay. I’m ok with some civil disagreement. I post a lot of political statuses on social media and am well aware that when I put my stuff out there, I might offend people with different … Read more

Nominate The Feminist Feline for The Indie Chicks’ Badass Blog Awards!

The Feminist Feline turns three this June (#WHATTHEWHAT)! Do you know who else just turned three? Blue Ivy turned three in January. And The Indie Chicks, my favorite online source for self-esteem tips and lifestyle content geared towards women, turned three on May 1.

Image via Brightest Young Things

Image via Brightest Young Things

In celebration of their birthday, The Indie Chicks has their annual Badass Blog Awards. As a contributing writer and former intern for the site, I’d love for The Feminist Feline to get recognized by the Indie Chicks community.

How can you help?

Vote for The Feminist Feline as your Favorite Real #WCW Blog! At The Feminist Feline, all my articles focus on fantastic feminists, including fictional characters like Leslie Knope and real-life politicians like Hillary Clinton who are changing the world. These women are my #WCWs everyday and I hope that they are yours too!

So do me a favor and nominate The Feminist Feline as your Favorite Real #WCW Blog. If I make it on to the final ballot, I will host a GIVEAWAY as a thank you to all of you lovely readers for nominating me. And if I win, expect this giveaway to be FREAKIN’ AWESOME.… Read more

If The Feminist Feline Was An Outfit

One of my main goals with The Feminist Feline was to show women that feminism is not anti-feminine.

Denim Feminine Is Not Anti-Feminist Patch featuring Rarity- My Little Pony,

Just look at the girl power culture of the 90s.  The Spice Girls taught us that our girlfriends are so much more important than silly boys.

So keeping in touch with my feminine side, I’ve decided to take a mini trip into the fashion blogging culture.

I got the idea for a “if my blog was an outfit” post from Natalie Patalie. She used Polyvore to create an adorable collage of clothing and accessories that fit perfectly with her geeky lifestyle blog.

So here’s the perfect outfit for The Feminist Feline personified. It’s filled with lots of whimsical cat-inspired clothing and empowering jewelry.


If The Feminist Feline Was an Outfit


If The Feminist Feline Was an Outfit by corinne-falotico


18 karat gold ring

Black Bombay Cat Purse

These kittens love that The Feminist Feline has dipped its paws into the fashion world!

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