Bernie lost. Let’s move on.

This election has really tested my patience.

We’ve got unapologetic racists and xenophobes on the right and conspiracy theorists on the left.

Here’s the truth: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to battle for the presidency this November. Hillary has clinched the number of delegates she needs to be the Democratic nominee. There’s no “media conspiracy.” There’s no “false reporting” going on. She’s literally gotten millions of more votes than Bernie.

I understand why Bernie supporters are upset. If this outcome were flipped, I’d be pissed too. However, I do not think I would claim that the “system is rigged” or the “media is owned by Clinton.” Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That’s life.

In 2008 Hillary dropped out of the race when Obama had less of a lead than she does today. She valued party unity above her own pride. Bernie, however, plans to contest the nomination through the convention. He also has said that he does not plan to rally behind Clinton.

Bernie is a sore loser. And his campaign is sending dangerous messages to his supporters. He’s making them believe that they are entitled to win. However, whichever way you look at it, they have lost. Remove superdelegates, Hillary still has more pledged delegates. Remove the delegate system as a whole, Hillary still has millions of more popular votes. As Nate Silver so aptly put it, “Clinton will be the Democratic nominee because substantially more Democrats have voted for her.”

I really don’t understand the #BernieOrBust movement. Bernie and Hillary supporters have much more in common than not. Can’t we all agree that Trump is a menace who cannot be president?

A lot of the #BernieOrBust phenomenon can be boiled down to white entitlement. In a piece for The Daily Beast, Barret Holmes Pitner reflected on this entitlement.

“The more I reflected on them, the more I realized the key point: They felt entitled to win, and a defeat meant that someone must have cheated or that their opinions did not matter, which of course couldn’t be true. They preferred to suspend reality and fabricate injustices rather than concede that Sanders has lost fair and square.”

“Sanders has lost fair and square.” Let me repeat that: Sanders has lost FAIR AND SQUARE.

Yet some people prefer to believe that more Democrats supporting Hillary than Bernie is unfair. That the media and the DNC are conspiring against Bernie. Believe what you want to believe but at the end of the day, Bernie still lost and Hillary still won.

I really hope that Bernie supporters will be able to put their pride aside and vote for Clinton in the general. If the Democrats don’t win this election, we will literally be fucked. If you’re white, you’ll probably be fine, but if you’re Hispanic, Muslim, black, female, disabled or poor, America will not be on your side.

I urge Bernie supporters to put their privilege aside and realize the great danger a Trump presidency would bring. We need to unite. The alternative to President Clinton cannot happen.


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