• aghostdancer

    And we’d be MUCH further ahead today if feminism stayed pure to its roots and didn’t fall off the wagon and take on a totally political bend. Feminism today is garbage and the people who started it would roll over in their graves if they saw the whining pathetic crybabies what they started has become. If they could see how stupid the leadership has become.

    Despite organizations like NOW and the fact feminism has a voice in the UN itself. They waste that voice on pretend wars on women.


    There is plenty there for your readers to get a feel for the new feminist at “Naked Jihad” and others who have picked up the mantle and are doing things to change things for truly oppressed women,

    • Corinne Falotico

      Are you referring to the first wave feminists? I don’t agree. Back then, they were just trying to get the vote – a voice in politics. Now that we have it, we feminists need to fight for reproductive rights, pay equity, and child support. I think it’s inspiring that many feminists are fighting for women in oppressed countries, but I don’t agree that the rights feminists fight for today in the U.S. are unimportant.

      • aghostdancer

        Nope. I said “if feminists stayed pure to their roots” hence the first generation. But feminism today is about as far from the roots as it can get. As for equal pay that myth has been debunked. When you compare women to men with the same job, years of service, education they pay gap is pennies not 35 cents per dollar. Reproductive rights? If you mean “free birth control” that is NOT a right and never has been.

        If you mean the right to choose when and where you have sex. That is already your right because anything else is rape.