5 Reasons Why Tina Belcher is a Feminist Icon

After binge watching some dramatic shows like “Once Upon A Time” and “House of Cards,” I was in the mood to watch something lighter. I read a post in Bitch Media about how Tina Belcher, the oldest daughter on “Bob’s Burgers” is one of the only teenage girls on TV who pursues her own sexual advances, rather than responding to those of teenage boys.

This post made me decide to watch the show and I have a pretty good record of watching a season a day (I’m looking for a job so, believe me, I will have a life soon). I quickly realized that Tina Belcher is more than just a girl going through puberty with awkward sexual urges. She is a feminist icon.

Here’s why:

1. She isn’t afraid of her sexual urges.


Girls are constantly taught to “protect” their virginity and to not pursue sex. However, girls – just like boys – feel awkward sexual urges when going through puberty. Tina doesn’t hold her urges back and even writes “erotic friend fiction” to release her sexual feelings toward Jimmy Pesto Jr. (her father’s rival, Jimmy Pesto’s son).

2. She loves butts and isn’t afraid to say so.

tina butts

Let’s be honest. Butts are beautiful. Don’t lie, we’ve all admired the butts of our crushes. Tina loves Jimmy Jr.’s butt and she teaches us that it’s ok to love butts and other sexy body parts. In fact, touching butts can even save the world.

3. She’s an advocate for women’s health.

tina crotch

Yeast infections are no joke. I was ashamed to say something the first time I got one and I suffered through it. Tina teaches us that we need to voice our feminine health concerns in order to be healthy and itch-free.

4. She knows the importance of self-love.

tina vibrators

Oh, masturbation. Boys are taught that it’s healthy for them to explore. Girls, on the other hand, are reprimanded for even bringing up the topic. I bet that once Tina saves up her money, she won’t be ashamed to buy a vibrator. Don’t you all wish you had bought one sooner?

5. She refuses to adhere to societal expectations of girls and women.

tina smart

Tina is no damsel in distress. She’s a smart, strong, sensual woman and doesn’t need a man to protect her. Also, she puts her bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else.

tina bra

Tina is a great role model for teenage girls. I wish she was around when I was going through puberty. Tina is happy in her own skin and refuses to conform to societal expectations of how women should act. Feminism needs to be introduced to girls earlier on because girls need to know that women have the power to change the world. Tina Belcher has the power to change the world.

So let’s raise our glasses to Tina!

tina glasses


Even cats want to be like Tina.
Even cats want to be like Tina.





  • love this post! i should watch Bob Burgers right now

    • Yes you definitely should! It’s hilarious and Tina is my spirit animal haha.

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