The Top 10 #LoveWins Memes

The Top 10 #LoveWins Memes

I think we can all agree that last week was PRETTY COOL for America. SCOTUS not only upheld Obamacare; they also prohibited all 50 states from denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Although there’s still much to do in the fight for equality (ie trans* workers’ rights, access to health care for undocumented immigrants, ending homelessness in LGBT youth, equal pay for all genders, taking down that horribly racist flag, and more…), Friday’s landmark decision deserves celebration. And what a better time to celebrate than the week of July 4?!

So in no particular order, here are my 10 favorite #LoveWins (RIP to those adorable rainbow hearts on Twitter </3) memes, thanks to The Internet:

1. The Gay Agenda

1 down, 9 to go.

Posted by BuzzFeed BFF on Friday, June 26, 2015

I personally will fight to bring back 2001 Britney.


2. Because Massachusetts paved the way for equality!


3. Don’t forget the important lesson in the Bible on why you must unfriend all the bigots on Facebook:


4. Speaking of Bye Felicia…



5. Because Hillary = bae


Map of the day/week/month/year/decade/century/millennium. Share if you live in

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Need a Costume for Comic-Con?

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If you’re a true geek like me, you’ve had San Diego Comic-Con in your calendar for months. The annual gathering of over 130,000 geeks from across the world attracts comic book, TV, movie lovers and just about everything in between.

Although I’ve never attended and won’t be attending this year as well (#EastCoastProblems), I will be attending from the comfort of my own home. Many of the panels are livestreamed and/or posted on to YouTube. But just because I’ll be watching from my couch doesn’t mean I won’t be dressing in cosplay.


Cosplay is arguably the most important part of Comic-Con. People spend hundreds of dollars and hours perfecting their costumes of their favorite characters. But if you’re like me, you don’t have the time to make your own costume or the money to buy from many of the cosplay websites out there.

3wishes is a costume and lingerie website that sells sexy costumes of many of my favorite comic book, TV and movie characters. Not only do they have classic Wonder Woman and Catwoman costumes, but they also … Read more

An Ode to the Women of Mad Men

Last month we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite television shows ever. After eight years of infidelity, company merges and un-merges, gruesome injuries (including Ken getting shot in the eye by a client and a young executive getting his foot sawed off by a lawnmower), tap dancing ghosts and lines of pure advertising poetryMad Men has come to an end.

As many a blogger has written, for a show that has the word “men” in the title, the women are really what made this show such a success.

I could write an entire book analyzing the women on the show – with another book dedicated just to Peggy – but instead I’m going to share some of my favorite think pieces, interviews and online discussions that have enhanced my viewing experience and enabled me to analyze these beautiful, dynamic characters on an intellectual level.

Megan Draper


I never really had strong feelings for Megan. She was always kind of “eh” to me, and I was very angry when Don decided to marry her so quickly, especially because I really liked Dr. Faye Miller and he literally kicked her to the curb.

But Megan has … Read more