Historical Context and Why It’s Important

By Alex Miller

Last week, as I was scrolling through my feed on Twitter in an attempt to avoid writing a paper for class, I came across this tweet:


w'all tweet

First off I’d like to say this post is not about shaming the person who tweeted this, but is an attempt to get us thinking about the consequences of what we say from an informed perspective. This perspective takes a very important factor into account—historical context. Historical context is, briefly, all the events and circumstances that surround and build up to an event happening in the present. One person recently described it to me in terms of an iceberg—the part above the water’s surface is what is happening now, what you can see, but the part below the surface is the historical context. And as we know, most of an iceberg sits beneath the surface.

Back to our aforementioned tweet. The person who tweeted this was a Yankee living in a Southern state, so naturally he incurred some backlash. One passionate responder attempted to reason with the tweeter, through various arguments, that “w’all” doesn’t sound “just as stupid” as “y’all,” but he was unable to clearly articulate what I could … Read more

On Mean Girls

Yesterday I received a message from a girl I was in a sorority with in college on why she unfriended me. It was a fairly long message explaining why she had done so “for the second time over the past couple of years actually” because she “finds my posts to be extremely offensive.” Her message was in reference to two statuses I made yesterday evening, one of which I also posted on Twitter. My statuses were in reaction to a segment I had just seen on NBC News; a segment that made me extremely upset with the Republican leadership in Congress.

Here are screenshots of my statuses, along with her message:

fb statuses        meaniepants

In her Facebook message, the girl went on to say that she “wanted to let [me] know that [she] along with a lot of other people feel that [I] generalize and stereotype a huge amount” and that I should try to realize that “people with different beliefs are a part of [my] audience.”

Okay. I’m ok with some civil disagreement. I post a lot of political statuses on social media and am well aware that when I put my stuff out there, I might offend people with different … Read more

Nominate The Feminist Feline for The Indie Chicks’ Badass Blog Awards!

The Feminist Feline turns three this June (#WHATTHEWHAT)! Do you know who else just turned three? Blue Ivy turned three in January. And The Indie Chicks, my favorite online source for self-esteem tips and lifestyle content geared towards women, turned three on May 1.

Image via Brightest Young Things
Image via Brightest Young Things

In celebration of their birthday, The Indie Chicks has their annual Badass Blog Awards. As a contributing writer and former intern for the site, I’d love for The Feminist Feline to get recognized by the Indie Chicks community.

How can you help?

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So do me a favor and nominate The Feminist Feline as your Favorite Real #WCW Blog. If I make it on to the final ballot, I will host a GIVEAWAY as a thank you to all of you lovely readers for nominating me. And if I win, expect this giveaway to be FREAKIN’ AWESOME.… Read more