Feminists Are Ready for a Woman in the Oval Office

In five years feminists across the country will take to the streets and the Internet to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. 2020 will mark one hundred years of women voting. Since women take up 51% of the population, we have the power to elect the next president all on our own. What better way to celebrate the Nineteenth Amendment than with a female president? It’s about time we have one.

America is ready for a woman president. Well, frankly we’ve always been ready. Lady Liberty has impatiently been holding up her torch on Ellis Island since 1886, waiting and waiting for America to come to its senses and elect a Madam President. The biggest reason why we don’t have a female president yet or even anything close to gender parity in Congress is because women have been afraid to run.

Well it’s time to let those fears go, ladies. We can’t let our country be run by rich, balding men anymore.

So what’s holding us back from running for president?

Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton don’t seem to be holding back at all. Though neither have announced their candidacy, you know that whoever decides to run, … Read more

Herself.com and Body Love

An Australian actress started a website with nude photographs of women, including herself.

When I first heard this, I have to admit I rolled my eyes. I thought this website was just another excuse for a celebrity to publicize her nude photos for the sake of “art.” But Herself.com is not like that at all.

The website was created by Caitlin Stasey, who is an Australian actress on the CW’s Reign. Stasey started the website as a feminist project for regular women to bare it all in celebration of body love and female empowerment. Herself.com is not meant to be a porn site and it shares images and stories of women of various races, nationalities, body types and sexual orientations. So far, women involved in the project have come from Australia, the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

All photographs are taken by a female photographer and all women are depicted naked, but the goal is not to satisfy the male gaze, but to empower the women who participate. Each portrait is accompanied with a questionnaire answered by the woman photographed. The women answer questions about body love and sexual expression, including “Have you ever been embarrassed, burdened or ashamed of … Read more

If The Feminist Feline Was An Outfit

One of my main goals with The Feminist Feline was to show women that feminism is not anti-feminine.

Denim Feminine Is Not Anti-Feminist Patch featuring Rarity- My Little Pony, etsy.com

Just look at the girl power culture of the 90s.  The Spice Girls taught us that our girlfriends are so much more important than silly boys.

So keeping in touch with my feminine side, I’ve decided to take a mini trip into the fashion blogging culture.

I got the idea for a “if my blog was an outfit” post from Natalie Patalie. She used Polyvore to create an adorable collage of clothing and accessories that fit perfectly with her geeky lifestyle blog.

So here’s the perfect outfit for The Feminist Feline personified. It’s filled with lots of whimsical cat-inspired clothing and empowering jewelry.


If The Feminist Feline Was an Outfit



18 karat gold ring

Black Bombay Cat Purse

These kittens love that The Feminist Feline has dipped its paws into the fashion world!

The Top 5 Feminist Cat Memes

Feminists and cats have always made great friends. That’s why I made the Feminist Feline. I’m not the only feminist who adores the feline species. So why are they the perfect match? Perhaps it has something to do with feminists and cats hating the patriarchy (aka the “purrtriachy”). If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that they own you – it’s not the other way around – and that’s not up for discussion. Feminism started as a movement to break the chains of traditional marriage and give women the right to vote and have financial and sexual independence. Cats are feminists in their own way. They refuse to submit themselves to the chains of leashes and collars and fight for their right to do what they want (mainly nap and eat treats) every day.

The internet is clearly aware of the perfect match that is feminism and cats. I’ve ranked the top five feminist memes, in no particular order:

5. Cats Against Catcalling

image source: tumblr

Women deserve to be able to walk down the street without being taunted. Cats are not happy that the term for street harassment … Read more