My Problem with the Ice Bucket Challenge (HINT: It’s with the People Dissing It)

Image caption: On August 7, 2014 in Copley Square in Boston, 200 people participated in the ALS Bucket Challenge. Check out the vine and learn more info on the event here.

This is not your typical article dissing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In fact, this article is the complete opposite.

I have absolutely no problems with the challenge itself. I have a problem with the people who have been dissing it.

Most people aren’t dissing the fact that the challenge has raised millions of dollars for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease); they are dissing the social media element of the challenge and saying that it is disappointing and selfish. Also, many are referring to it as “slactivism” because many people are just throwing buckets of water on their heads and not donating.

Well I have something to say to these people: You are all wrong.

Before I tell you why these people are wrong, I encourage you to watch this video that explains how the challenge began. It started in Massachusetts with former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2012. I hope you have a … Read more

My Guilty Pleasures

I have recently been getting more involved in blogger networks, including the Her Campus Blogger Network and Blog Life Chose Me. While browsing through the blogs on both networks, I came across Helene in Between, an awesome lifestyle blog. Each month, Helene pairs up with Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars to do a #TotalSocial link-up post topic. This month they are sharing their guilty pleasures and I’d thought it would be fun to participate.


Helene in Between

So here are my 10 guilty pleasures:

1. Reading feminist blogs

When people expect others to be a certain weight just because that’s what they find attractive

I know, it’s SHOCKING that I love the feminist blogosphere. Jezebel, Bitch Media, and Feministing are three of my personal faves.


2. Netflix

I mean, if you don’t like Netflix, you are a fascist.


3. Bust magazine

Yes, the cat is saying “Free Pussy Riot!” #thankgawd

Seriously though, Bust is the bee’s knees. It’s feminist, but also girly and fun. It’s one of the only women’s magazines that doesn’t make me feel horrible about my self when I read it.


4. Female comedians

Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jessica Williams, Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Schaal, Sasheer Zamata, the list goes on and on…People always say … Read more

Street Harassment: It’s Not Flattering

“Hey baby.”

“Nice ass.”

“Your tits are amazing.”

“He-lloooo there beautiful.”

Excuse me, DO I KNOW YOU?? Nope, I don’t. So leave me alone, please.

Street harassment is a serious problem that women – and even men – face everyday. It’s the reason why I take the circuitous route to work that doesn’t pass by construction workers and it’s the reason why I take the bus home at night even though my work is only a 20 minute walk from home.

Many people try to laugh off street harassment as just “boys being boys” or try to convince women that it’s meant to be flattering and harmless. Well the truth is that it’s not harmless. Telling men that it’s okay to view women as objects contributes to rape culture and classifies women as less than human.

A recent Snickers Australia ad documented construction workers saying nice things to women on the street like “you have a lovely day” and “that color really works on you.” However, the beginning of the ad reads “What happens when construction workers are not like themselves?” By stating that it is normal for construction workers to say vile things to women on the street teaches … Read more

According to Some Asshole, I Am 67% Slut

Some asshole from Return of Kings, a disgusting, masochistic website for “a small but vocal collection of men in America today who believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine” wrote a post called “24 Signs She’s a Slut.” (I’m not including the link because I don’t want to give the author traffic.) Chiara Mazzucco of The Indie Chicks wrote a hilarious response where she answered all of the questions to see if she was a slut. I decided to do the same.

  1. Have tattoos? Nope, but I’m planning on getting one. 1/2 point.
  2. Piercings outside the traditional lobe placement? Nah but I’ve always wanted an eyebrow piercing. 1/2 point.
  3. A slut face? Not sure what this means but I do have big lips. 1 point.
  4. Do you curse? All the time. 1 point.
  5. Are you not ticklish? I’m extremely ticklish. 0 points.
  6. Throw around drug names? Once again, not sure what this means, so I’m gonna say no. 0 points. 
  7. Have large breasts? My boobs have actually grown this summer. I need to stop eating so much carbs so I don’t gain weight elsewhere. 1 point.
  8. Show skin when it’s not 90 degrees out? Yes, I’m from
Read more

Book Review: Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot

Last night I finished reading Masha Gessen’s Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot. It’s an excellent piece of investigative journalism. The book tells the story of Russian punk protest band Pussy Riot, from the formation of the band and their doomed performance of a “punk prayer” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow to their trial and imprisonment.

The book centers around the three members of Pussy Riot who were imprisoned for “hooliganism” for their performance in the Cathedral. Their names are Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, and Yekaterina Samutsevich.

I recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t know much about Pussy Riot. I bought it because it was on sale in Urban Outfitters and I thought it would be interesting. I didn’t know much about Pussy Riot before reading it except that they were jailed for speaking out against Putin and for being feminists. Now I feel that I could present an entire lecture on the band.

Gessen is a fantastic journalist. She met with friends, family members of Pussy Riot and lawyers and even exchanged letters with Tolokonnikova, Alyokhina, Samutsevich while they were in prison. The letters are included in the book, along … Read more

NFL: Why You Gotta Be So Sexist?

This post was originally published in The Rival DC: GW’s Alternative Source for Alternative News.

Don’t you know that women are humans too?

The NFL has been a source of controversy lately over the lax punishment given to Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for physically abusing his ex-fiancée.

Rice was only suspended for the first two games of the upcoming season. Smoking marijuana, however, warrants players a suspension that can last for up to a year. This makes no sense.

Women make up 45% of the NFL’s fans and 33% of its viewers. Despite this fact, the NFL has shown time and time again that it does not respect women. The Ray Rice scandal is just one of many sexist offenses made by the NFL. Cheerleaders have recently to sue teams for giving them low wages and Ray Rice is not the only player to assault a woman. Clearly, the NFL has a women problem.

Rice’s suspension was announced this past Thursday, and Keith Olbermann had an epic response to it on his show that night. He said, “The message to the women who the league claims constitute 50 percent of its fan base is simple: The … Read more