10 Reasons Why Arya Stark is the Baddest Bitch in Westeros

Since Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” has come to a close (cue the waterworks), I thought I would reflect on the best character on the show: Arya Stark.

Here’s 10 reasons why she kicks ass:



1. She prefers a sword to needlework.


When he gave her Needle, Jon Snow said its name comes from her least favorite activity, needlework.


2. She named her direwolf after a warrior queen.


Nymeria was a Princess of the Rhoynar. After the Rhoyne was conquered by Valyria, Nymeria led the Rhoynar to Dorne, where she took Lord Mors Martell as her husband.


3. She kills bad guys like a pro.


“Fine little blade…Maybe I’ll pick my teeth with it.”


4. She got to hang out with Gendry for the greater part of two seasons.




5. After hearing that her horrible aunt died, she laughed.


I would laugh too.


6. She and the Hound made one bad-ass duo.


They deserve a spin-off. From before she left him to die of course.


7. She ain’t no lady.


She’s a strong, independent, young woman who don’t need no man. Like this dog.… Read more

Can “Orange is the New Black” Help Reform the Prison System?

Like every other Netflix subscribing human being, I spent this past week watching Season 2 of “Orange is the New Black.”

I could go on and on about how fantastic this show is. It’s funny,  dramatic, heart-wrenching, and has a diverse cast of talented women. “Orange is the New Black” focuses on a part of society that is largely ignored – the prison population. The media rarely covers life in prison, and when they do, it more often than not discusses male prisoners rather than female prisoners. “Orange is the New Black” is a revolutionary show because it depicts realistic characters and situations that take place in women’s prisons.

Piper Kerman with Taylor Schilling, the actress who plays her in the series


The show is based off of Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name. In her memoir, Kerman discusses her unique perspective as a privileged white woman in the prison system. She explains how she was lucky to have a short sentence, but that most women she met in prison had sentences much longer than hers for similar crimes because they could not afford good attorneys. Most of the women in Kerman’s minimum security prison were … Read more

We Need to Stop Turning Mass Murderers into Celebrities

Google “Eliott Rodger” and thousands upon thousands of articles come up about the young men who opened fire on the University of California, Santa Barbara and killed seven people, including himself.

However, if you googled his name on May 22, you might have gotten his YouTube page and that’s about it.

Ted Bundy, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, James Holmes, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold – we all know the names of the most vicious murderers. But how about the names of the victims and the survivors? Not so much.

Last July, Rolling Stone received a lot of backlash for their cover story on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston marathon bomber. The cover featured a glamorous photo of Tsarnaev that made him look more like a rock star – Rolling Stone‘s typical cover star – than a murderer. As a Boston native who had family in the city the day of the bombing and the police hunt for Tsarnaev (when they shut the whole city down), I was in outrage over the cover.

I’m sick and tired of going on news sites each day and seeing another article on “the troubled mind of Elliot Rodger.” He has become a household … Read more